The most affordable & simplified recycling center management system available!


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Automate your business with professional Recycling Center Management System software that will save you time and money.

Stop wasting time writing out and calculating invoices by hand. Let EZ Recycler calculate, print, and store your invoices for you.

Tired of spending hours creating reports with your pen and calculator? Let EZ Recycler's reports automatically create daily, monthly, and custom reports within seconds.  


EZ Recycler System

  • Supports PC's & tablets.
  • Supports touchscreen, keyboard & mouse input.
  • Supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8,8.1/10 OS.
  • Magnetic stripe reader support.
  • Serial and USB scale support.
  • Microsoft VFW & Direct Show Camera support.
  • Full network support.
  • Automatic updates via the Internet.
  • Supports CSV Text, MS Access & MS Excel.



EZ Recycler Login

  • Supports keyboard & touch input for login.

  • Supports ID card swipe login.

  • up to 256bit encryption support.


Touch Enabled Register

  • Stores customer tickets & information.
  • Attaches up to 40 commodity images per tickets.
  • Stores customer's picture to the customer's file.
  • Support for track 1,2,3 magnetic stripe cards.
  • Direct scale support.
  • Can place tickets on hold, for later completion.
  • Can retrieve existing customers by driver's license swipe, customer ID and driver's license number.


  • Half & full page laser printer support.
  • Half page carbon copy dot matrix support.
  • 3 1/8" POS printer support.
  • Ability to print checks.
  • Automatic on screen keyboard.
  • Fully scalable register with multiple monitor support and legacy hardware support.


Reporting System

  • Supports daily, monthly and annual reports.
  • Completely customizable reporting system.
  • Commodity theft compliant reporting.
  • User programmable templates.
  • Electronically transferable reports via Email, FTP, HTTP and Winsock.