EZ Recycler Download Section

This software is protected by national and international copyright treaties. Unauthorized distribution or modification of this software is strictly prohibited, may result in civil and criminal penalties, and is just not cool. Only Recycling center business owners are entitled and allowed to download this software. Centers with closed accounts must remove EZ Recycler (TM) from there machine within 48 hours. Failure to follow any of the above may result in criminal penalties and will be prosecuted to the maximum of the law. 

 Current EZ Recycler Users

  1. Click here to download update*

  2. Run installation file.

 New EZ Recycler Users

  1. Click here to download installation*
  2. Call (909) 746-0588 for installation and account activation.*


Add-ons, Utilities & Miscellaneous Downloads

Name Description Download Link


Date Replace Tool This utility allows users the ability to change dates for a set of sequential invoices. ezdate.exe
Update Wizard Allows users to update to daily builds of EZ Recycler. This application must be ran from the EZ Recycler installation folder.. update.exe


Readme File The most recent EZ Recycler readme file. readme.txt
Legacy Builds All older installation builds of EZ Recycler ez_setup.exe


  • *By downloading you are agreeing to DMAN's terms of service  &  the statement indicated at the beginning of this page.

  • **You will not be able to access the program unless you call our main office and activate your account